Projects Global South

Darmang Community School

Darmang, Eastern Region, Ghana
2016-2018 – Completed

River of Blessing Academy

Koforidua, Eastern Region, Ghana
2018-2020 – Completed

Centro Educativo San Andrés

Santiago, Putumayo, Colombia
2019 – In construction

Centro Educativo La Ensenada

La Ensenada, Nariño, Colombia
2019 – Ongoing

Humbi Volunteer Center

Xai-Xai, Gaza, Mozambique
2019 – In construction

Chiuno Cultural Center

Kasungu, Malawi
2020 – Ongoing

School in Masaka

Masaka, Uganda
2021 – Ongoing

Ranja Valley School

Ranja Valley, Haiti
2021 – Ongoing

Community-led library and education center

Elmina, Ghana
2020 – Ongoing

Secondary School

Mencoriari, Peru
2021 – Ongoing

Educational Projects