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New projects

Are you a well-established non-profit organisation that works with under-resourced communities, or a German/EU non-profit planning to do a project in the Global South?
Here at We-Building we are always looking for new NGO partnerships and projects! First of all that applies to all well-established non-profit organisations in the Global South with strong ties to the local population and clear community driven projects that we could provide support for! We are also happy to collaborate and support various non-profit organisations similar to ours, both here in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, in situations where our architectural experience could provide valuable help and the partner organisations are lacking such expertise.

The infographic on the right gives a quick idea on how our project’s journeys normally look like.

Corporate social responsibility

Does your business want to partner up with a non-profit organisation?
We are happy to accept support from various companies that like what we do and would like to get involved as well.

The ways of collaboration can be done in numerous ways: employee engagement (e.g. taking part in markets we organise), long-term collaboration with our partner NGOs (knowledge transfer, material or financial donations),  services that would support our organisation (marketing, legal, transport, office space) or any other way that makes sense for both sides!

Architecture support

Are you an architect willing to build a project for a community in need?
The very important partners in the projects we do are architecture offices, who share the same interests as us, willing to volunteer their time and skills during the whole process.  The amount of work needed to take a project from the initial stage all the way to the end can sometimes be overwhelming and we definitely need help.

Having been in the same situation ourselves – willing to design projects for a community in need, but not  knowing where to start and who to contact – we can now provide a clear framework and make it easier for other colleagues to volunteer their work with a clear purpose and a target group. In collaborations like these, we provide support throughout the whole process and offer advice based on the projects we have already built. There will be a clearly defined program, a responsive local partner, a defined budget and most importantly we would take the lead in all fundraising activities.

Interested architecture offices or individual architects need to fully commit though, and take over the whole design process from the initial sketches to the construction plans and supervision. Ideally the whole collaboration involves traveling to the location, either for the initial research or for construction supervision.

NGO partnerships - our project's journey Infographic
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