About us

We-Building is an international team of architects, urban and landscape planners and project managers, some with more than 20 years of experience in construction projects. Since 2015, We-Building has been managing construction projects primarily in Africa and Latin America and advising on issues related to construction projects in development cooperation.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to aid other non-profit organizations as they support various disadvantaged communities through construction projects. We bring in our expertise as architects, offer consulting services, help with basic assessments as well as with planning tasks and can assist with words and deeds during all phases of construction.

At the same time, we are active in educational work and want to create awareness for sustainable construction in a global context through workshops and projects. After all, how we live here has a global impact and we want to make the next generation aware of the challenges of constructing and using buildings with a view to climate change, the environment and social justice.

Our approach: Down to earth
As experts in construction, we know that building must be viewed from multiple perspectives. We know that problems can be avoided if we plan well and sustainably. All three pillars of sustainability are important to us: social, ecological and economic. Efficient building design must do equal justice to people and the environment.
As architects, we are trained to avoid problems in advance, rather than letting them arise and trying to solve them later. “Down to earth” sums up our way of working. We work in a way that is true to life, realistic, and takes a people-, climate-, and environmentally-friendly approach. This saves valuable resources as well as time and money.

Our involvement: With a lot of volunteering
One of the things we are particularly proud of is that through a lot of volunteer support, We-Building is able to bring about significant change in local communities. We have worked on various construction projects in eight different countries, including Ghana, Peru and Colombia.A lot of volunteer work also goes into all the behind-the-scenes work: keeping the office running, nurturing all the outreach channels, communicating with our partners and funders, assisting our volunteers and freelancers – and, of course, organizing our summer and winter parties.
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WEbuilding team with the local kids
WEbuilding team