Our core values


Every human being needs space to develop and the chance to live a self-determined life. Sustainable architecture and education can create such spaces and open doors for a more socially just future.


We support organizations active in development policy with consulting as well as sustainable approaches to the planning and construction of schools and other educational and public buildings in disadvantaged communities in the Global South as part of their development cooperation.

Through our educational work in the Global North, we are creating awareness that the conventional building sector is a key driver of climate change and that construction must be designed to be globally just.

Sustainable construction and use of buildings must take into account social, ecological and economic aspects in equal measure.

As architects, we bring our expertise in efficient building design to bear at various stages of a construction project. As early as the basic design phase, we pay attention to the needs of the communities in which buildings are being constructed. We emphasize the careful use of resources and the use of locally available materials and draw on locally available know-how. Where possible, we give preference to environmentally friendly building materials.

Integrity and inclusivity

Our way of working emphasizes transparency, honesty, respectful interaction and human values. We are accountable to the people and partners we work with. We strive to meet the highest ethical standards and transparently communicate the results of our work. We work with and for others to develop projects regardless of gender, origin, political and cultural affiliation, physical conditions or religious beliefs. We cannot give acceptance to discrimination of any kind.
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