Community Library in Elmina, Ghana

2020 – 2023

Elmina, Ghana


100m2, library and education center



Community-led approach; Local employees; Sustainable material

Community Library in Elmina, Ghana

The project involves providing architectural support to the EduSpots organization for the construction of a community-led library and education center in Elmina, Ghana.



The construction of this library center is a response to the lack of access to quality education, resources, and learning spaces in rural Ghana. The country has been struggling with a high rate of educational inequality and low academic achievement, as well as low post-primary school attendance. The Covid-19 pandemic has also negatively impacted educational prospects for young people across the country.



Our partner organization, EduSpots, has been working in Ghana since 2015 to develop community-led education centers (Spots). They currently have a network of 42 Spots in rural Ghana. 


Through their work in Ghana, they have built a relationship with the community of Elmina over the past few years and have seen the community transform with the community-led approach to education that EduSpots is pursuing.



Building process

Because the library is located in a flood-prone area, our plans had to be aligned so that the library center is at least three feet above the ground. Thus, we decided that the first floor would consist of a flood-proof concrete base. It forms a connection with the exterior and can be used as a multifunctional space. The equipment and furniture are movable to prevent the damage in case of floods. In the first phase of construction, the room was left empty, but it offers enough space for a classroom or for a reception area for visitors. 

The second floor houses the library and an office. Learning materials such as books and computers are located here. This second floor provides a quiet space for reading, studying and working.

Elmina library