Global learning workshops

We build with clay – workshops to raise awareness of sustainable construction

Climate- and resource-friendly construction should play a central role worldwide, because building materials such as cement cause high CO2 emissions. The environmentally friendly material clay has a tradition and a future and offers itself to a certain extent as a cost-effective building material in countries of the Global South as well as in the Global North.

The methods of Global Learning are intended to arouse interest in the children in the global connections between building and sustainability. Using the example of a school building that We-Building built in Darmang Ghana, ecological (environmental sustainability), economic (resource efficiency) and socio-cultural aspects (acceptance by the population) of construction are explained in an age-appropriate way. We use photos and tell the story of the local mason Samuel, with whom we worked closely: https://we-building.org/de/darmang In this way, we aim to stimulate a change of perspective on SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 13 Climate Action.

The children are sensitized to the topic not only cognitively, but above all through playful interaction with clay. In the workshop, the children can get their hands really dirty and build something with clay. For example, a small house, a tower or a well. The children are introduced to various working and processing techniques with clay. They can freely knead and roll, decorate and assemble to create something new and exciting. At the end, they get to take home their creations and also a small clay building certificate.