ROBA – River of Blessing Academy



Koforidua, Ghana



6 classrooms

Design, Build, Fundraising

River of Blessing Foundation

Local workers + training
Sustainable materials e.g. CEB (Compressed Earth Blocks); wood

ROBA – River of Blessing Academy

The Project involves the expansion of the already existing River of Blessing Academy. The River of Blessing Academy (ROBA) started as a preschool in Koforidua in January 2013. Currently consisting of kindergarten, nursery and primary levels, the school was established by the River of Blessing Foundation.

Recent study conducted by the Ghana Education Service (GES) reveals that only 2% of pupils in basic primary schools across the country are able to read and understand English by grade 2. Central to this problem is poor learning conditions in these schools which then translates to unmotivated teachers and school principals.

Despite the great job in delivering quality education, ROBA’s major challenge remains, however, the lack of space available to accommodate their increasing number of pupils. Currently, lessons are taught in one big communal room, which is originally a church space on Sundays, but during the weekdays, is demarcated with the aid of furniture into five makeshift classrooms.

We propose expanding the learning facilities in Rivers of Blessing Academy by erecting an additional building complex. To provide the children with better learning conditions and enhanced quality of education, we plan to build six classes (classes 1- 6), with each classroom expected to hold about 20-25 pupils, bringing the accommodation capacity to a total of 150 kids. Our aim is not only to create an area that provides a feel-good atmosphere for the children, but also to make the construction project as simple and cost-effective as possible.