Hope School Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

2021 – Ongoing

Ashanti, Ghana


100m45 x 65 m; 8 classrooms, one office and one sanitary facility2, library and education center

Fundraising and construction management

Care for the Needy International, local community

Local employees; Reuse of materials from the former school; Local materials like bamboo; Composting toilet

Hope School Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

We are supporting the Care for the Needy International organization in the design and construction of 8 classrooms, an office, and a 3-unit sanitation facility. Traditionally, private schools in Ghana perform better academically than private schools.



The rural community of Asakraka is one of the poor rural communities in the Atwima Awabiagya County of the Ashanti Region. The community has a population of 2,415, including many children under the age of 14. One of the challenges in this community is the lack of school infrastructure for school-age children. The nearest public school is about 5 kilometers from the community. It is also in poor condition and can only accommodate 560 children.

hope school kumasi

Proposed Solution

In response to this lack of access to schooling, Care for the Needy is planning a building with 8 classrooms, an office, and a 3-unit restroom facility. The classrooms are intended to house a nursery, kindergarten, and elementary school. The organization hopes to add a junior and senior high school in the future. We-Building is assisting them architecturally and financially in this endeavour.

Construction process 

The construction process will begin in 2022.

hope school kumasi land